It's weird how I have completed so many things, planning on updating this blog for so long, and just never taking the time to do it. Here's my attempt at it though. Over the next few days, you will see a few more updates.

-Daniel, December 12, 2012


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

OaB #94: See Your Name in Print.

So, a few weeks ago, my friend Mary asked me if it was okey for her to ask me a question and take a picture for Enköpings-Posten's summer supplement. Enköping is a very small town somewhat north of Bålsta, where I live. Now the paper is printed and done, and I was sent a copy of it today. Okey, so it's not big, and it's not important, and I'm sure not many is going to see me or read what I said, but it doesn't matter! I've seen my name in print! :)

But if I ever end up in the paper or something similar again, then I'm sure I'll update this one, and replace this little snippet with that future one.

I'd also like to thank you all for voting. I'm going to try find a farm or something, that will let me milk a cow, and I'll do it this month. And I'll put up a new poll this week. Thank you all for reading. It'd be even cooler if more of you would take your time to comment! I'd love if you could post a comment or two! :) Suggestions or just greetings will do as well! (And because you give me so many comments, Dale, let me tell you again - you rock!)

And I want to tell you all I reached a milestone with this blog... At least one person from every continent have visited it! :D South Africa, Philippines, USA/Canada, Australia, Poland (Thank you Danny), Brazil, Guatemala... And even though all of you come here by googling for how to make oregami cranes, and then get disappointed and leave, I still think it's cool!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

BYD #83: Skinny Dip at Midnight.

At around 00.30, Mirre and Tea decided to go to Nydala Lake to take a dip. I figured I could join them and perhaps complete this thing! When we were there, at Fiskebryggan, they jumped in right away. I hesitated for a while, but then took my clothes off and jumped in!

It was kinda cold, but still nice. At the place we were, there were some people having a midnight barbecue, but what the heck. We had been drinking some and didn't care about that. One or two of the guys later approached us and asked us "Are you Finns!?"

I think it was between 8-10 degrees in the water. Not sure though. It's kind of surprising that I jumped in, considering it's the beginning of June, and I rarely take a dip even in July or August!

Edit 10/9 07: Seems I forgot to upload the pics! :D