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-Daniel, December 12, 2012


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

OaB #9: Play a Computer Game to the End

Ahh. The book is right. Completing a game without help is much more satisfying if you don't cheat or use walk throughs! I was in Umeå last week, visiting lots of friends who live up there, and some who visited Umeå the same week. It was great! And as I have a Nintendo DS, I bought The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass as I had seen and read some great reviews of it.

And yeah, it was awesome! I bought the game on Friday the 26th, and completed it on Sunday the 4th on my bus trip from Umeå back to Uppsala. And as horrible as the bus trip was, as great the game was! So how horrible was my bus trip? Well, I left at 8.20pm, and at first the trip was okay, although somewhat boring. But then both people in front of me decided to lean their seats back as far as possible. Not very comfortable for my knees. Then I fell asleep and woke up like 40 times! At one point I woke up with my one sock soaking wet - and I have no idea why! I arrived at Uppsala at 4.35am, and luckily I woke up, otherwise I'd have missed the stop, as I had set the alarm on the clock on 4.40 (the bus was supposed to be there at 4.45!).

Then the good part started! Katarina came to pick me up, and we walked to Susanne and had breakfast together at her place! Then we had an exam at 9am... I've never been so tired at an exam before!

Anyways, back to the game. I just noticed the title says computer game, but screw that. NDS games should count as well, don't you think? =D

Anyways, I played the game when I had time to spare in Umeå. Sometimes I even played it when I shouldn't have, like when Valentina and Sofia expected me to be social and talk to them. God, they demand so much of me!

I tried to take a picture on the bus of me having completed the game, but as you can see the picture didn't turn out very well. Oh well!


oskyldig said...

No wonder that I'm so desperately bored when I travel; I have nothing to do during it!

I need to get myself one of those. ;)

Ranto said...

You're Ellkay. How could you never have completed a computer game to the end before? :p

daniel said...

@Ranto: I've completed many computer games, somestimes with, and rarely without cheating ;D Just not after getting the books! :P