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Saturday, February 23, 2008

OaB #32 h & i: Visit Another Country and Your Capital City.

Alright. Long time no writing. I was planning on getting part of BYD number 49 done yesterday by watching the Total Lunar Eclipse. Three weeks of clear night sky - shouldn't be a problem, right? So I get my brother to wake me up at FOUR in the MORNING. I go up, look outside. MASSIVE CLOUD INVASION. Great. So I saw nothing. Not a thing! I take a walk today, and the moon is laughing at me - no cloud in sight! Bah! Two years until the next one - and I don't think a total eclipse is visible from Sweden then...

So anyways. I've realized some of the objects in the book are hard to compete at one single time, as they're divided into many parts. Like, for example, visit the tallest buildings in the world. I seriously doubt I'll be completing that one in one day. And as I don't want to forget to write about things I've done, I decided to split up some of the items in my blog as well. This one is one of them!

There's not much so say about the capital city one, as I pretty much live in my capital, but to be nice, and to make it look like this post includes more than it actually does, I'll add a picture from last summer's farewell-Tea meeting!

As for visiting another country, I technically already completed this one when I went to Finland last summer, but I found this to be more "exotic," hehe... But anyways, here's the story!

January 4th, me, Vallen and Sara went to Gothenburg over a weekend to visit Ivar and party with him. We had a great time. Then, January 7th, me and Vallen flew to Madrid, Spain, to visit Mirre who currently lives there. We stayed there for a week, checking in at Pop's Hostel, and flew back January 14th...

Uhm, this is the reason you should post these things at ONCE - otherwise you forget all the important things that happened in the trip, and the order of things! Anyways, I'll do a short list of what we did, trying to remember all the important parts.

  • We visited Mirre, of course!
  • We also got to know some of Mirre's friends, including Laila (Love you!)
  • We visited two museums, where we got to see real Rembrandt, Picasso and Dalí, amongst many others.
  • I met some people at the hostel, including Nicola, Lina, Jungim and the crazy Cypriot guy!
  • We went to Lefty's, a store selling leftovers and last year's clothes from Zara stores, where I bought seven t-shirts, one long sleeve shirt for, I think, about 20 euro (including two long sleeve shirts I bought at another store)! Cheeeeap!
  • When we arrived, at 12 in the morning, we had to wait until 6am for McDonald's to open, then find our way to the Hostel in a city we've never ever been to, and where almost NO ONE speaks English, until we finally could get some rest at around 9-10am. Phew!
  • We were out partying at different places, including an awesome Mexican bar where I tasted a divine Piña Colada and an even more divine Strawberry Dackery!
  • We took a walk through the big park in Madrid where we saw people doing lots of things, like inline skating, ice skating (!!), doing bike and skateboard tricks, singing, playing different kind of percussion instruments in big ensambles, and old men playing some sort of Spanish sport... Anyone who tells me the name of that Spanish game (see photos below), shall receive a postcard from me!!

I don't actually remember much more, but I'll ask Valentina if she knows of anything that I should add to this list! Here are some pictures from Madrid:

BTW! Because of my visit to Finland and Spain, and the fact that I live in Sweden, I'll also cross off BYD #36d!

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BoXXXer said...

The game is called Petanca...
Greetings from Spain!