It's weird how I have completed so many things, planning on updating this blog for so long, and just never taking the time to do it. Here's my attempt at it though. Over the next few days, you will see a few more updates.

-Daniel, December 12, 2012


Sunday, May 18, 2008

OaB #72: See Your Music Idol Perform Live.

This is one of the coolest things that I've completed. I've been a fan of Jason Mraz ever since I heard his song You and I Both for the first time. This was about four years ago, and I had just found out about Pandora, which together with the iPod I bought has been the best thing ever for my "relationship" with music. Too bad Pandora no longer works for non-Americans.

So anyway. I put in artists I liked, and it found artists that had a similar style. And there it was. You and I Both, by Jason Mraz. It quickly became one of my favorite songs, a song I played all the time, again and again. Then I downloaded some more of his songs. I loved them. So I bought his CDs as well.

This weekend, I was in London (again), and when I came back home to Sweden this Monday, I grabbed a Metro (you know, the free morning paper they have in most big cities). I turned the pages, not really reading, just browsing through, when all of a sudden I have to go back a few pages. "Was that Jason Mraz on that picture!?" I thought to myself. And there he was! The notice said "Win a date with Jason Mraz after his performance in Stockholm!"

This was a sign from above! My idol is going to perform in Sweden and I have a chance to meet him (BYD #21: Meet Your Idol). I never did win, so that sign from above wasn't a sign, just fate playing with me, I guess. Oh well. But the thing is, he was performing at Rix FM Festival, a FREE concert at Kungsträdgården in Stockholm, Sweden. I had to go!

And of course I did go. Me and my friend Mary went there this Thursday (17th of May) and we got a very good view of the stage. And it was just awesome seeing him perform. He a cover of Fly Me to the Moon, his song The Remedy (but with some Oasis theme in it, I think), some song I did not recognize and last but not least his hit song I'm Yours. We also saw Kate Ryan and Swedish singer Patrik Isaksson perform live. We had a great evening!

What's sad is that I would have loved to have met Jason and get his autograph, but for some reason, I was not meant to meet him this time. He had this live performance and CD signing yesterday (Saturday), but I had to work, so I missed that as well. But I have my whole life in front of me to meet him, and one day, I will meet my idol - Mr. A-Z.

I have a video clip of the performance, but the quality is so poor that I don't think it's worth uploading. Some pictures could be fun though! So here is Patrik Isaksson, Kate Ryan and Jason Mraz.