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-Daniel, December 12, 2012


Sunday, April 29, 2007

OaB #31: Host a Party.

Yesterday I completed another item. Me and my flat mates Sofia and Valentina had a party, celebrating our birthdays (which was weird, since mine and Sofia's birthdays are in July); Sofia's upcomming examination; us moving out... Basicly, we just celebrated everything we could, since it's like the last party we'll have, as both me and Sofia are moving back to our respective home towns.

It was a great mix of people, around 20, both friends of mine and of theirs. I knew or had at least met everyone before. We even had an alsatian puppy come visit us for a while!

We served some food for the guests as well. Now our fridge is FILLED with left overs!

The book has a check list of host duties. I can check a few of them, but not all.

Did you...
[X] ...welcome the guests at the door?
[X] ...check invites?
[_] ...take coats & bags?
[X] ...offer guests food & drink?
[X] ...organize games & entertainment?
[X] ...organize music?
[_] ...monitor soundlevels?

I could add some pictures, but only if someone asks me to in a comment. :)

Edit 1/5 2007: Dale, you rock; you're the best! Here's a link to some photos.


oskyldig said...

This is me requesting photo evidence!

Anonymous said...

De va en rolig fest:D
Nu får du ta o göra nästa sak!

oskyldig said...

Yeah I'm cool. I'm more satisfied with the photos now, it's simply proofs!

Nimbus said...

Asså, slåss den där Malin alltid? ^_^

Ellkay said...

Ja, jag tror det! Du såg ju själv hur hon hoppade på mig mitt på gatan och började bita mig!