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-Daniel, December 12, 2012


Monday, July 23, 2007

BYD #26: Bungee Jump.

This is the coolest thing I've done. I'm like... still happy about doing it, and it was like 4 hours ago now. (I did it at aprox. 20.45 (8.45pm) and not it's like 00.40 (12.45am)). What an adrenaline rush!!! WOW!

So yeah, as the title tells you, I bungee jumped today. I knew about this event at Kungsträdgården in central Stockholm, and I knew they were going to have this crane from where you could bungee jump. So I had pretty much been thinking about it for like three weeks. I told some of my friends about a week ago, and everyone were like "Yeah! Do it!". So I did. And telling people means I have to do it...

I would NEVER have done this if it wasn't for the book (thank you Richard!); it's giving me a reason to try things I would never try otherwise!

Four of my co-workers (including my boss) were there with me watching and cheering. One of them took pictures and actually recorded me jumping, so you get to watch as well!

Oh, by the way. While at the event, there was this offer about going in a hot air balloon for only 695SEK. The normal price is like 1895SEK. So I bought a hot air balloon ticket! I'll be crossing another thing off my list soon! :)

Also, I was very happy when I saw I had been linked to from another blog! I was added to the list of "creative sites" at http://licarian.blogspot.com/! Thank you Linda!


oskyldig said...

Another one bites the dust!
So how much did you pee-pee in your pants whilst waiting for that one? ;D

Ranto said...

Very Cool.

Anonymous said...

wow very cool always wanted to try that but a little scarred
nice one

Matt said...

Wow your taking that book seriously, thats cool! I'd also love to go bungee jumping. Interesting blog.