It's weird how I have completed so many things, planning on updating this blog for so long, and just never taking the time to do it. Here's my attempt at it though. Over the next few days, you will see a few more updates.

-Daniel, December 12, 2012


Monday, December 10, 2012

OaB #100: Meet Someone Famous

21 January, 2012

My friend Julia called me one day and asked me if I wanted to go to a concert with her at Katalin in Uppsala. Her dad had bought them but couldn't go himself, so Julia got two tickets for free. Sure, I said.

Neither of us actually knew of the artist, so when we told our friend Fethy, she got super jealous. "You're going to see Martha Reeves an you don't f'in know who she is!? Oh my god!"

So anyway, we went, we were amazed, we fell in love! And of course, we both recognized the most famous songs, like Dancing in the Street, Heatwave and Jimmy Mack. One of best, most intimate live performances I've ever attended, and the energy Reeves showed on stage at the age of 70 was incredible!

After the concert, Julia and I went to get say hi to Reeves. "You are an awesome artist!" we told her. "You two are my favourite Swedish fans", she replied. We got a hug and and autograph, and our pictures taken with her. So nice!