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-Daniel, December 12, 2012


Monday, July 28, 2008

OaB #32 g: Visit the Countryside

I was invited to visit my friend Katarina and her family in Undersvik, Hälsingland in Sweden for four days (July 25-28), and since my vacation had just started I gladly accepted. It was great! It truly was the countryside, and it was beautiful.

Me, Katarina and her sister Rebecka had a lot of fun. Instead of writing it all down I'll just post a bunch of pictures, because I'm lazy and I have loads of other things I've done to write about as well!

A horse! A horse! My blog for a horse!

The view from their home.

Of course we had to bathe in the warm water!

The Parish of Undersvik.

Me and Katarina as Sea Monsters! Arghh!!

Uhm, a picture of a train...

Rebecka, me and Katarina had to wait in Bollnäs for their mom to pick us up!

A beautiful sunset in the river Ljusnan.

Two of the creatures to touch - a mice or rat, and a butterfly or moth.

We also had time to visit the fishingvillage Skärså.
Here we went to a restaurant called Albertina where I had a delicious salmon dish!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dan! What a lovely sum-up of our four days of fun :D It was really GREAT!! Looking forward to see you soon! <3 (Maybe Sus has time for us then ;P)


Katarina said...

(Correction: Ljusnan is a river :P

oskyldig said...

That is one sexy train; I love it's design!

Andi said...

You take some beautiful pictures (esp the sunset). You should be easily able to get one in a gallery.
Good luck with your lists!