It's weird how I have completed so many things, planning on updating this blog for so long, and just never taking the time to do it. Here's my attempt at it though. Over the next few days, you will see a few more updates.

-Daniel, December 12, 2012


Monday, July 28, 2008

HStP #86: Bond with the Forest.

Ahh! Sitting on a tree stump in the forest, listening to the sounds of nature. Lovely. That's what me, Katarina, Rebecka and their dog Morven did while climbing Djupaåsen in Undersvik.

Credits to Rebecka for the nice picture! The cap makes
me look like a real citizen of Bollnäs. Huah!


oskyldig said...

What is this facial-hairs nonsense that make you look like a chav with the chinstrap? :P

Kat said...

Hey, I think he looks good that way! :) Anyway, indeed Dan - you really imitate a "Bollnäs-bo" nicely ^^

Camilla said...

More like Alfta... in Bollnäs, people look really really cool, like me. Sorry for the late response :P